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The purpose of this study was to determine if, at the conclusion of a two week nutrition program, students involved in mutual goal setting would exhibit more positive nutrition behaviors than students not involved in mutual goal setting.

Pre-test 24-hour dietary recalls were collected on the experimental group (n = 18) and the control group (n = 19). The experimental group and the investigator then mutually set goals related to dietary practices. Both groups received nutrition education (4 classes). At the conclusion of the education and the mutual goal setting intervention, post-test 24-hour dietary recalls were collected. The data were analyzed using Fisher’s Exact Test and descriptive statistics.

The intervention of mutual goal setting did not have a significant effect on the student’s dietary intake. Both groups’ intakes of dairy, fruits and vegetables, and grains were found to be inadequate at both measurements. Five students (28%) met their food goal for both weeks of the intervention.


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