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Congestive heart failure (CHF) is prevalent and patients with CHF incur costly hospital readmissions. It is crucial to reduce rehospitalizations and improve self-care in these patients. This blind experimental study based on Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory evaluated two nursing interventions provided to 49 home care patients with CHF from 42 to 94 years of age in western Michigan. The study results were drawn from a larger longitudinal study in progress by researcher Dr. Kay Setter-KIine, RN. PhD. One group received supportive-educative interventions and the other received placebo interventions. The study sought to determine if supportive-educative nursing interventions improved medication self-care and reduced the rehospitalization rates for patients with CHF. The results demonstrated a reduction in hospital readmissions, utilization of the emergency room and improved medication self-care for both groups at three months, but no statistically significant difference between the groups. The data collection tool utilized was the Self-Management Tool which was adapted from the Chronic Disease Self-Management Study Measures tool (Lorig, et al., 1996).


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