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Public Administration (M.P.A.)

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School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration


In the United States, women, African Americans, and youth are emerging as the face of HIV and AIDS. Since there is no cure, education and prevention is important to halting the spread of the disease. However, first, the current knowledge level of at risk populations, and others, must be revealed to appropriately address misconceptions and deficiencies in HIV awareness and ultimately change at risk behaviors. Many studies acknowledge the overall lack of HIV awareness, however, few identify and make recommendations to address the knowledge deficiencies, specifically in at risk populations. The following research statistically demonstrates that the knowledge of HIV/AIDS and preventive sexual behaviors, whether sexually active or not, as well as the practice of safe sexual behaviors, are minimal. Through elicitation research, the examination of a selected and restricted sample of undergraduate students attending Grand Valley State University reveals a need for proactive education and prevention efforts on HIV/AIDS.


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