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Identifying qualified students who are most likely to be successful in their graduate nursing studies is the goal of the admission process. Because fiscal and human resources are often limited, it is important that universities admit students who have the academic capabilities necessary to complete the degree requirements. This study attempted to determine whether the established admission criteria for graduate nursing students at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) reliably predict success within the graduate nursing program and if so, whether any one criterion is a better predictor of success. For the purpose of this study, success was defined as completion of the program of study.

Using a retrospective design, the academic records of 256 graduate nursing students were examined, 159 of whom completed the program of study. No significant differences in GRE scores were found between those who completed their degree program and those who did not complete the program of study. However, significant relationships were noted between undergraduate grade point average (GPA) and graduate GPA at exit/graduation. Undergraduate GPAs were found to be significantly higher for those individuals who completed their degrees than for those who did not complete the program of study.

Based on these findings, GRE scores did not predict academic success in this sample of students admitted to the graduate nursing program at GVSU. These results suggest, however, that UGPAs may predict academic success and that UGPA may therefore be more predictive of academic success in GVSU’s graduate nursing program than GRE scores.


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