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Social Work (M.S.W.)

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School of Social Work


This qualitative research study explored what it would take to create the tradition of honoring the older population in American culture. In this exploratory study, 15 participants were interviewed in person using a series of ten open ended questions. The participants were selected according to the criteria of being an older adult, working with or volunteering for older adults, or having been involved in a project which considered the older population as a subgroup within the total population. The participants were personally invited by the researcher to be interviewed and the interview took approximately 40 minutes. Results indicated that creating the tradition of honoring the older population in American culture would require a change on every individual’s part as well as a social revolution. Findings also indicated that the changes were needed not only on the part of society but also on the part of the older population. As society provides opportunities for the older population to be honored, the older population needs to understand and accept what it means to be honored.


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