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The nursing profession contains dedicated professionals who work varying shifts with assorted time frames to recover before returning to work. The purpose of this study was to examine shift work, inter-shift recovery, fatigue, sleep debt and intent to leave among full-time nurses. Data were collected through the use of electronic questionnaires from a sample of 36 registered nurses from the Sigma Theta Tau Kappa Epsilon Chapterat- Large.

Findings revealed significant differences among nurses working 10 hour shifts and their accumulation of sleep debt in comparison to nurses working 8 or 12 hour shifts. Significant differences were not found between acute and chronic fatigue, and inter-shift recovery by shiftwork. However, several significant relationships were found between acute and chronic fatigue, inter-shift recovery and sleep debt. Additionally, significant differences were not found among acute and chronic fatigue, inter-shift recovery and sleep debt by intent to leave.


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