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Criminal Justice (M.S.)

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School of Criminal Justice


The purpose of this research is to provide a comprehensive analysis of a salient jihadist philosopher by the name of Sayyid Qutb. Qutb is arguably among the most influential ideologues of modern-day Islamic militancy; yet, there is very little research examining his works. Through in-depth analysis of the historical, social, and political contexts surrounding Qutb and Islamic militancy, this research will examine selected works of Qutb to determine the frequency of his use of militant language and how his usage of militant language relates to his overall ideology; place Qutb’s writings into historical, social, and political contexts while at the same time examining if, and how, they are influencing militants today; and, identify the importance o f understanding the beliefs conveyed by Qutb for the purpose of informing counter-terrorism policy.


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