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Sandra Portko

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Joyce French


This descriptive study was one component of a research project conducted at a large medical center in the midwest. The purpose of this study was to identify common characteristics and perceived concerns, with their relationships, of a population of parents who had received a volunteer parents supporting parents (P.S.P.) service. This service was offered to new parents in an attempt to increase the potential for positive parenting.

Common characteristics found in this group of P.S.P. recipients were: married, first baby, mid-twenties in age, mentally and physically healthy with positive feelings about their own parents, their labor and delivery, and this baby. A number of common maternal characteristics were identified. Thirty-one potential post-natal concerns ranked in order of greatest to least importance showed that 13 of the top 17 were concerns about the infant. Statistically significant correlations were discovered between age of the infant and mothers' concerns, mothers' education and concerns regarding infant care, perceptions of infant temperament and adjustment to motherhood, and an unexpected correlation between length of residence in the city and concerns. Data from this study may be used to plan future services which will address parental concerns within a framework consistent with clients' characteristics.


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