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Criminal Justice (M.S.)

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School of Criminal Justice

First Advisor

Dr. Brian F. Kingshott

Second Advisor

Dr. John Walsh

Third Advisor

Dr. Tonisha Jones


In recent years, the problem of sex trafficking has migrated to the forefront of prostitution policy discussions, shifting the focus away from arguments surrounding the morality of prostitution, and instead, to consideration of the most effective prostitution policy approach to combat sex trafficking. One popular solution focuses on reducing the demand for sex trafficking by reducing the overall demand for prostitution. In order to reduce demand for prostitution, people must be deterred from purchasing sexual services, in any form, which may be accomplished by criminalizing the purchase of prostitution. The present inquiry will compare the demand reduction approaches of Sweden and the United Kingdom, evaluating each approach in relation to deterrence theory, which comprises the fundamental basis for demand reduction principles.

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Criminal Law Commons