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The term nerd has seen an alteration in usage since it was first used in the 1950s. Originally, nerd carried a negative connotation and people labeled as such were given or had traits such as being overly studious, socially inept, or physically unattractive. However, the term nerd has seen a change in usage since the 1980s; now, the term nerd is seen as a more positive identifier that denotes passion, as well as individuality and intellectualism. There a number of different studies that address nerd identities and cultures in the K-12 educational setting and a broader societal contexts. Yet, there is a lack of empirical data looking at college student nerd identity. This study uses an ethnographic methodology to explore nerd identity within a single student organization at a medium sized, Midwestern institution. This study found that college student nerd identity is expressed through appearances, conversations, and activities, as well as through their values and beliefs.

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