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Accounting (M.S.A.)

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College of Nursing


This descriptive study was an investigation of the difference in patients' perceptions of trustworthiness in the nurse based on the nurse's attire. Eighty-nine men and women who presented to emergency departments in three West Michigan hospitals for treatment of non-acute illnesses or injuries completed a Trust Perception Questionnaire before being seen for treatment. Subjects were shown one of three photographs of the same nurse model in different nursing attire and were directed to choose statements concerning elements of trust that applied to the person in the photograph. Analysis of variance performed on data indicated a significant difference (F(2, 86) = 28.75, p {dollar}<{dollar}.01) in subjects' perceptions of trustworthiness based on the nurse's attire. Subjects perceived a higher level of trustworthiness when the nurse model was wearing a traditional white skirted uniform than when wearing a scrub suit or white pants and blue sweater. The majority of subjects, 87.6%, selected the model in the white uniform as most like the picture of the "ideal" nurse.