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Engineering (M.S.E.)

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School of Engineering

First Advisor

Nael Barakat

Second Advisor

Sung-Hwan Joo

Third Advisor

Hugh Jack


With the growing population of elderly, the need for assistance has also increased considerably especially for the tasks such as cleaning, reaching and grasping objects among others. There are numerous assistive devices in the market for this group of people. However, they are either too expensive or require overwhelming user effort for manipulation. Therefore, the presented research is primarily concerned with developing a low-cost, easy to use assistive device for elderly to reach and grasp objects through intuitive interface for the control of a slave anthropomorphic robotic arm (tele operator). The system also implements haptic feedback technology that enables the user to maneuver the grasping task in a realistic manner. A bilateral master-slave robotic system combined with the haptic feedback technology has been designed, built and tested to determine the suitability of this device for the chosen application. The final prototype consists of primarily off the shelf components programmed in such a way as to provide accurate teleoperation and haptic feedback to the user. While the nature of the project as a prototype precluded any patient trials, testing of the final system has shown that a fairly low cost device can be capable of providing the user an ability to remotely control a robotic arm for reaching and grasping objects with accurate force feedback.

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Engineering Commons