The Food Maverick Project (www.foodmaverick.org)

In our quest to get healthy food in the hands of school children and improve their life-long healthy eating habits, we have utilized a Wicked Problems framework approach. There isn’t one solution that can get this done, but we can develop a number of solutions that can help alleviate the issue. One of the key aspects of this wicked problem is getting children to actually want to eat healthier.

The Food Maverick project aims to reach children where they already are... on the web. Using the power of the internet and social media, we have developed a marketing campaign geared towards making a healthy lifestyle more appealing to school age children. Our plan is to create and aggregate media from around the web to provide educational, yet entertaining information about food. Utilizing a combination of blogging, videos, recipes, and guerilla marketing stunts, we will create a website that not only actively promotes healthy eating, but also gets kids thinking about advertising in general. By using technology in this manner we are reaching out directly to children using a style and method that they are familiar with. As we expand, we plan to continue reaching out to the community for support, bringing together schools and local businesses to sponsor events. These events and partnerships help to make a unified front in the battle for healthy food. We cannot do this alone, collaboration is key! Together, we can create a call to action. We are putting the power directly into the hands of children to make knowledgeable decisions about the food they eat.