The project final report is available below.


Submissions from 2014


Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Assessment Project Final Report, T. Arnold Boezaart and James Edmonson

Submissions from 2013


Laser Wind Sensor Performance Validation with an Existing Gage, Charles R. Standridge, David Zeitler, Erik Nordman, T. Arnold Boezaart, Jim Edmonson, Yeni Nieves, T. J. Turnage, Reo Phillips, Graham Howe, Guy Meadows, Aline Cotel, Frank Marsik, and Neel Desai

Submissions from 2012


Validation of a buoy-mounted laser wind sensor and deployment in Lake Michigan, Charles R. Standridge Ph.D., David Zeitler Ph.D., Yeni Nieves, T.J. Turnage, and Erik Edward Nordman Ph.D.