The water quality goals are based on improving or restoring the designated uses of the Watershed and attaining compliance with the E. coli TMDL established in Buck Creek. The following long-term goals for the Watershed have been determined:

● Improve or restore the coldwater and coolwater fisheries
● Improve and protect the safety and enjoyment of fishing, canoeing, and swimming
● Improve or restore the warmwater fishery
● Improve and protect the habitats for other indigenous aquatic life and wildlife
The short-term objectives to reduce sediment in the Watershed are:

● Stabilize stream flows to moderate hydrology and increase base flow
● Protect riparian buffers through setbacks and buffer ordinances
● Adopt storm water ordinance
● Reduce soil erosion and sedimentation from construction sites
● Encourage cover crops and no-till practices
● Install livestock exclusion fencing and filter strips
● Stabilize improperly installed stream crossings
● Reduce impervious surfaces


Buck Creek, Lower Grand River Watershed, Michigan, Kent County, Byron Township, Gaines Township, Kentwood, Wyoming, Grandville, Pine Hill Creek, Sharps Creek


Natural Resources Management and Policy