Electrode potentials, Oxidation, Voltammetry, Carbon fiber, Electron transfer, Amines, Microelectrodes, Serotonin


Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment


Fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) allows for real -time analysis of phasic neurotransmitter levels. Tryptophan (TRP) is an aromatic amino acid responsible for facilitating electron transfer kinetics in oxidoreductase enzymes. Previous work with TRP-modified electrodes showed increased sensitivity for cyclic voltammetry detection of dopamine (DA) when used with slower scan rates (0.05 V/s). Here, we outline an in vitro proof of concept for TRP-modified electrodes in FSCV detection of DA, and decreased sensitivity for ascorbic acid (AA). TRP-modified electrodes had a limit of detection (LOD) for DA of 2.480 ± 0.343 nM compared to 8.348 ± 0.405 nM for an uncoated electrode. Selectivity for DA/ascorbic acid (AA) was 1.107 ± 0.3643 for uncoated and 15.57 ± 4.184 for TRP-modified electrodes. Additionally, these TRP-modified electrodes demonstrated reproducibility when exposed to extended cycling. TRP-modified electrodes will provide an effective modification to increase sensitivity for DA.

Original Citation

Davis, S. E., Korich, A. L., & Ramsson, E. S. (2020). Enhancement of fast scan cyclic voltammetry detection of dopamine with tryptophan-modified electrodes. PLoS ONE, 15(7), 1–12.