A Flexible Communication Framework: Implementing a Camera Controller for Skydiving

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Dr. Greg Wolffe, wolffe@gvsu.edu

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With the multitude of communication media available for computers and other electronic devices, the daunting problem of mastering different communication interfaces looms over programmers. The main focus of this project is to develop an object-oriented communication framework that frees the programmer from the details of communication, data parsing and protocol enforcement.

Insuring that software under development always functions as designed is another problem facing programmers. As part of the project, an automated regression-testing framework will be developed to ensure software quality. As changes are introduced, the framework will test that they produce the desired behavior.

Finally, documenting a project's design and implementation poses the problem of keeping the software synchronized with its documentation. This process will be simplified through the automated parsing of comments embedded in the software.

A remote camera controller was selected as the proof-of-concept application of the abstract communication framework. Under certain conditions the on-board controls of a camera are not conveniently accessible, for example, when engaging in freefall photography and videography. The software created for this project was validated by using it to develop a video and 35mm-still camera controller for use in skydiving.

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