ArtPrize 2022 is estimated to have generated or supported economic benefits for Kent County in the following ways:

  • 753,601 total visitors, with 56% visiting from outside of Kent County. Over 14 states and four countries were represented. The average age of all visitors was 46 years old.
  • 56% of all visitors and 73% of all nonlocal visitors stated that ArtPrize 2022 was their primary reason for visiting Grand Rapids.
  • There were 858,582 total primary visitor days, with 59% coming from nonlocal visitors. These nonlocal visitors spent on average 1.67 days at ArtPrize.
  • Direct spending of all primary visitors was $24.6 million, with nonlocal primary visitors spending $19.3 million.
  • The total economic impact of nonlocal primary visitors is estimated at $24.9 million in economic output supporting 228 jobs.
  • The total economic impact of all primary visitor spending and ArtPrize operational spending is estimated at $34.6 million in economic output supporting 318 jobs.
  • Nonlocal primary visitors generated approximately $70,313 in additional tax revenue for Kent County.
  • Based on their experience at ArtPrize 2022, 86% of the survey respondents said they were “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to visit Grand Rapids again.
  • 46% of survey respondents have attended ArtPrize at least three times.