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Reliability Study: Caregivers/ Residents Interactrion during Feeding using Barnard's Feeding Scale


Kirkhof College of Nursing


Kirkhof College of Nursing

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An inter-rater reliability study was conducted using Barnard Feeding Scale (BFS) to measure the amount and type of interaction that occurred between caregiver/feeders and nursing home residents diagnosed with dementia. Seventy-six specifically defined behavioral items were coded yes if seen during a feeding and no if not seen. The sample included 28 eating-dependent residents living in six different long-term care facilities and fed by a variety of caregivers. After appropriate permissions were obtained, a videographer filmed feedings of 28 caregiver/resident dyads which were distributed on DVDs to four raters. One rater with extensive experience with the BFS served as leader. For five hours the four observers trained together by viewing, practicing, and discussing item definitions prior to beginning their independent viewing of the 28 filmed feedings. Scores from each of the scales six subscales were totaled for each feeding. The lead observer who served as the gold standard compared the three observers scale scores for the 28 feedings to hers, and calculated the average percentage of agreement. The combined scores showed an inter-rater reliability of 85%. Cronbach Alpha showed a 0.75 correlation coefficient between the items in each of the six subscales of the BFS.

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Charting New Frontiers in Aging: 65th Annual Scientific Meeting

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San Diego, CA

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