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Facile Synthesis of Arylsulfonates and Exploration of their Use in Sonogashira and Ullman Cross-Coupling Reactions


Chemistry Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Physical Sciences and Mathematics


The C-O bond of phenol can be activated by reaction with arylsulfonyl chlorides, to make the corresponding arylsulfonates that can be used in subsequent reactions. Facile synthesis of different arylsulfonates from various arylsulfonyl chlorides and phenol are reported. What is unique about the synthesis is that very good to excellent yields of arylsulfonates were obtained without the use of column chromatography. A more efficient purification technique was developed based on crystallization. Initial experiments are underway to test the different arylsulfonates as alternative substrates for Sonogashira and Ullman cross-coupling reactions.

Conference Name

248th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

Conference Location

San Francisco, CA

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