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Examining the importance of Culture, Gender and Individual Differences in Customers


Hospitality & Tourism Management Department


College of Community and Public Service

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This study examines preference differences of Millennial students, born 1981 2000 (within and between) two cultures (Rozin, 2003) and to test the finding that perceptions about dining are culture and gender-specific (Bryant & Dundes, 2008). 799 Polish and American students were surveyed. Significant differences were revealed in five of seven construct measures. The series of one-way ANOVAs show that frequency of going to restaurants and place of dining out play an important role in shaping preferences toward casual dining. Differences between Polish males and females are large and significant in all seven constructs, while for the Americans there are no gender differences in perceptions. This study confirms that perceptions are culture specific and vary between two cultures. However, the most important distinction seems to be differences among customers in preferences that are individualistic, rather than explained by culture or gender based.

Conference Name

The International Conference of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation 2014

Conference Location

Poznan, Poland

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