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Sustaining Standards Based Coaching Education in an Urban, Low-Income School District


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This presentation will discuss outcomes of a justice based coaching education collaborative between Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS), a large, urban, low-income district in Michigan and Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Coaching Education faculty. GRPS received a multi-million dollar grant in 2009 to fund the Academic and Athletic Enhancement Project (AAEP) which included a long-term plan strengthen district athletic staff leadership and coaching. In an effort to help GRPS achieve this goal, GVSU faculty introduced the NASPE standards to administration and assisted them in organizing standards based coaching education workshops for their coaching staff (over 300 coaches) beginning in 2010. In winter 2012, evaluative/ needs assessment data was collected to provide direction for future initiatives. Fifteen current GRPS coaches were interviewed using a standardized, open-ended interview script (Patton, 2002). Coaches were asked to discuss why they participated in the workshops, how they had incorporated content from workshops into their coaching, what the strengths/weaknesses of workshops were, topics they would like to learn more about, and changes they would like to see in coaching education initiatives. Interviews were transcribed; data was coded, and then analyzed using inductive and deductive analysis to affirm appropriateness and organization of themes (Patton 1987, 2002). Coaches reported they attended workshops to improve skills and better serve kids. They also stated they had incorporated several new ideas related to philosophy and ethics and safety and injury prevention. Suggested strengths of workshops were the educational aspects and networking opportunities. A major weakness cited was that information lacked breadth and depth relevant to low-income environment. Finally, the major change coaches wanted was for future workshops be more sport (Xs and Os) specific. Results will be further discussed as they relate to organizing and sustaining long-term NASPE standards based education programs for coaches in an urban, low-income setting.

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National Coaching Conference

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Washington DC

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