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Richesse caché et espoir dans l'oeuvre de Ken Bugul La pièce d'or


Modern Languages & Literatures Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Arts and Humanities


In "La pièce d'or" (2006) the Senegalese writer Ken Bugul describes a terrifying nameless country that resembles Senegal, but could as well be all of Africa. In this universe between science-fiction and actual reality, the occupants, old and new, are inhumanely voracious when the people are reduced to eating garbage, erring without a goal or desperately trying to migrate north. In my presentation, while analyzing the terrible financial situation of an Africa, that like the central character Moïse the father, has never know who she was, I will show that the central theme of the work is hope. Ken Bugul draws from the hidden and mythical wealth of Africa to offer a solution to the current impasse. After the painful realization that independence brought no sun, it is time to find new ways toward the south.

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20th/21st Century French Studies

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New York, New York

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