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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Elizabeth Stolle

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Reading is a necessary skill and habit that adolescents need to carry into adulthood to set them on a more advantageous life trajectory. As students reach adolescence and their interest and engagement in reading tends to decrease, it is vital for educators to implement strategies and structures to promote engagement, passion and interesting in reading. Three key factors of increasing engagement are to build a community of readers, implement choice reading, and provide texts representing a variety of identities, cultures, traditions and voices. Research has proven that students are more engaged in reading when they feel part of a community, are able to share their reading experiences, and encourage one another in reading. Part of this is allowing students to choose their own texts based on their own personal interests. Students are more likely to be engaged in reading when they can either relate to the identities they are reading about or when they are learning about new identities they are unfamiliar with. This supports the necessity of having a wide range of available texts for students to choose from.