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Education-Higher Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Reginald Blockett

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Latinx students’ admission rates have increased in most recent years however, Latinx

students still have the lowest degree attainment compared to other ethnic/racial groups (Rodriguez et al., 2021). Research reveals sense of belonging has an impact on retention for first- generation Latino/a/x students attending Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). Latinx students gain sense of belonging through the support of their peers, faculty, and the institution’s commitment to providing safe campus spaces. The primary purpose of this project is to understand the challenges first-generation Latinx students face and where institutions can provide resources like peer mentor programs to close the degree attainment gap. By having a better understanding of Latinx experiences on campus and where they gain a sense of belonging, institutions can better identify strategies to assist them better. The suggested peer mentor program can help foster a better experience for Latinx students and provide support to achieve their intended degrees.