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Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

Degree Program

School of Computing and Information Systems

First Advisor

Robert Adams

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Technical education has been and will continue to be more and more important to succeed in the future. The Boys and Girls Club, founded in 1860, is a national organization of local chapters which provide voluntary after-school programs for young individuals. The Boys and Girls Club have life-changing programs that prepare the young individuals in the club for their future whether it’s for college, career, or life. The perfect way to prepare best prepare these kids for the future is to develop their technical education. Unfortunately, the boys and girls club of Muskegon has a lack of educational resources for developing technical skills for young individuals. This master's project seeks to fill that gap. This project saw the development of curriculum material as well as a model for creating future educational modules. Four modules were created during this project: cyber safety skills, front-end programming, Python basics, and learning the hardware components of a computer. The modules were developed in a way that the instructor would not have to have a background in such knowledge. Different tools and activities were included in each module to engage students in an active learning exercise.