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Education-School Counseling (M.Ed.)

Degree Program

Education Leadership & Counseling

First Advisor

Shawn Bultsma

Second Advisor

Judy Williams

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Research has revealed important information about the importance of parental involvement within the school setting, yet Brimley Area School has not developed nor implemented any components of the MiFamily: Michigan Family Engagement Framework. This project explores the history of parental involvement, and the benefits students inherit such as academically, socially, and emotionally. An effective parent-to-school relationship must acknowledge the differing dynamics of families within the district and develop a plan that is cohesive to the needs of all families. Such a plan needs to stretch beyond traditional parental involvement and intentionally target needs that are affiliated with correct grade levels. To begin fostering this much needed relationship, two events and two activities will be carried out by the school counselor. By collaborating with parents, the intent is to raise academic achievement and attendance, develop positive attitude towards school, and increase graduation rates.