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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Sherie Klee

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This project demonstrates the relationship between standardized testing and increased stress in both teachers and students. The emphasis placed on standardized testing and therefore potential for increased anxiety and stress for teachers and students is important because stressed and anxious teachers are not going to be teaching to their full potential. Likewise, stressed and anxious students are not going to be able to rise to their full learning potential (Gonzalez et al., 2017). The purpose of this project is to decrease the amount of stress and anxiety that students and teachers feel. This can be accomplished by informing school personnel, through a series of professional development sessions, how their own stress and anxiety influence their students. This project also will provide staff with opportunities and resources to potentially decrease that stress and anxiety, and improve their overall well-being. In addition, this project will support staff in coming up with an action plan to better help their students deal with test-based stress and anxiety. Finally, the sessions will provide teachers and the administration teams with resources on improving school climate, and include informed teaching practices to reduce stress. The literature shows that by understanding students and teachers experience more test anxiety surrounding high-stakes testing, and through providing more intentional supports, schools and policy makers may more effectively prepare teachers and students to cope adaptively with testing stress (Segool et al., 2013).