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Education-Educational Leadership: Special Education Administration (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Cindi Smith

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The question of teacher wellbeing in K-12 schools is a popular topic today as teachers around the world are leaving the field of education in record numbers. Many teachers that stay in education report that their personal wellbeing is suffering. They struggle to create boundaries between their career and their personal life. Their stress and anxiety level are increased. New career teachers as well as more seasoned teachers report feeling overwhelmed with curriculum, student needs, student motivation and achievement, family needs, teacher evaluations, and a lack of support from colleagues and administrators. The most recent period of teaching during a pandemic has only exacerbates this ongoing concern. It will be shown that there are supports and practices that can be implemented to improve teacher wellbeing and increase their longevity in education. This synthesis of current research will be helpful to teachers and administrators as they work to improve teacher wellbeing in K-12 schools.