Q: What is the Grand Valley Journal of History?

  • A: We are a student-run, faculty-advised history journal that publishes undergraduate historical research materials.

Q: What are the steps to submitting an article to GVJH?

  • A: If you navigate to our home page, select a tab labeled “Submit Article” to the right of the page. Follow the instructions from there and be sure that your submission fulfills the submission requirements.

Q: Do I need to be a student at Grand Valley to submit?

  • A: Not at all! We accept any undergraduate historical research, regardless of affiliation with other institutions so long as it is historical research and fulfills the requirements for submissions.

Q: What is required in my paper and what is considered optional?

  • Submissions must be submitted in Chicago Style (Notes, Bib) formatting. Submissions should have a double-spaced 5 page minimum with normal margins on all pages.
  • Submissions must be historically rooted or based in a historical context.
  • Submissions are required to include a minimum of one credible source, however, there is no maximum number of sources permitted.
  • The article must have a title, be accompanied by an abstract. It must also be submitted in either a Microsoft word file or RTF file.
  • It must also have all identifying marks removed from the entirety of the paper to ensure an anonymous review process.

Q: What kinds of papers are not accepted for the Journal?

  • A: We accept any paper of historical context, but do not accept any that fall in the categories of book reviews, or literary/film analysis.

Q: Why should I submit to GVJH?

  • A: It’s a great way to get work published as an undergraduate student and it provides great experience that you can use for your resume or graduate school applications.

Q: Who sees my article during the revision process?

  • A: Once submitted, your article will go to our Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor-in-Chief. They assign your article to two student reviewers. Our Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor-in-Chief know your identity, but the student reviewers do not. This is done to maintain the double-blind that allows for unbiased review. If the two student reviewers accept your article, then it is sent forth to a faculty reviewer. The Grand Valley Journal of History has a wide community of faculty reviewers from Grand Valley State University as well as other institutions around the country. The faculty reviewer has the final decision on whether your article will be accepted, and if it is, then it is considered “peer-reviewed”.

Q: How long after receiving a decision back from GVJH do I have to revise and edit my article?

  • A: This varies from case to case, but our Editor-in-Chief is flexible in deciding deadlines for authors.

Q: How long generally is the processing time before I receive a decision on my paper back?

  • A: Again, this varies depending on the time of year and how many student editors are on staff with the Grand Valley Journal of History.

Q: When does the Grand Valley Journal of History operate?

  • A: During the Fall term of every academic year (with some exceptions going into the Winter term).

Q: How do I get in touch with an editor at the GVJH if I have more questions?

  • A: Contact us at