The Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet mimics the diet consumed by Paleolithic Humans. This diet is low in carbohydrate and high in healthy fats. Because of this, it has been found to be highly satiating. We theorized that consumption of the Paleo diet would result in higher satiety ratings as compared to a usual diet. Men and Women with metabolic syndrome (n=4) consumed their usual diet at both baseline and the wash out period and the Paleo diet with high and sedentary exercise. Satiety was measured with a validation tool twice with usual diet and once with the paleo diet with sedentary exercise. The satiety rating was lower comparing post dinner with 90 minutes post dinner with the Paleo diet (0.25) as compared to the usual diet (0.83) indicating a greater satiety with the Paleo diet. The greater satiety rating with the Paleo diet may explain weight loss of this diet.

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