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Steve Glass


College students have many choices for choosing a major that will lead to a profession or post-graduate school following graduation with a Bachelor’s or Associates degree. For many, making this decision can be daunting and time-consuming as it is important to select the right major for future endeavors. Several students change majors multiple times throughout the course of their college careers causing them to remain in school for an extended period of time to complete graduation. Researching and analyzing potential majors as a new student is a part of the process, but some students may skip this step as there may not be direct information readily available. Thus, having a website that encompasses the major, future career options and post-graduate school options available would be an optimal way to research and choose a major. This website that has been created evaluates the Exercise Science major in terms of what it is, the career options it could lead to and the post-graduate school options available. Although this is only a start, this website will give students a more readily available and easy access look at what this major entails.