occupational therapy, correctional facilities, recidivsim, reentry programs, correctional programming


Criminology and Criminal Justice | Occupational Therapy


Dr. Jaclyn Cwick


Correctional facilities are a controversial topic in the United States. Whether it is prison reform policy or overcrowding issues that are being debated in a political setting or at the dinner table, it is a hot topic of conversation. The discussion goes around and around to no avail, and seemingly no one is satisfied. A detailed look at current issues facing corrections, what has been done, and then, potentially what could be done may provide some clarity for a situation that is seemingly spinning out of control. Furthermore, occupational therapy and its application to correctional programming is explored as a potential solution to many of the current issues facing today’s correctional system. Therefore, this paper will also discuss the current implementation of occupational therapy within corrections, as well as additional ways that occupational therapy can be utilized in the field.