Education, Theories, Philosophy, Constitution, Michigan


Education | English Language and Literature


Kevin Holohan


Educational theories in the past have attempted to define, arrange, and design education to benefit society, institutions, and students of all ages. The conversations surrounding those educational theories, however, have consistently neglected to include those that the structures, policies, and purpose of education will benefit the most: the students. This research project was devised to include student voice within the conversations surrounding educational theories through the construction of a Generalized Michigan School Constitution. By delving into those theories of education, the researcher was able to dissect the five most common theories and beliefs within education to be able to decipher and redistribute their key elements for the interview questionnaire. Through interviewing a sample of high school students across Michigan, the researcher composed a generalized list of declarations to indicate what students want or need within their educational careers. The researcher then analyzed those opinions, needs, and preferences to dictate which educational theory would best support the overall population of students within Michigan schools. This project was intended to relay two main points: first, that student voices need to be incorporated into the conversations surrounding education, and second, that our school structures, policies, and the purpose of education today in our public schools are not fully supporting, encouraging, or preparing our youngest generations for their future endeavors.