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In the project “Mentor Migration SALAM -Spielen Austauschen Lernen Achtsam Miteinander (Playing-Sharing- Learning-Attentively-Together) students mentor a child from a migrant family for a period of 8 months. They spend about three hours of leisure time a week together. The students are assigned to only one child, so they can develop an interpersonal relationship to that child and its family. For the children the project helps to expand their horizons, gaining a wider knowledge of their surroundings, the urban neighborhood they live in, the city itself. The act of students and pupils coming together, offers in itself, lots of learning opportunities: the children are forced to communicate, they negotiate the choice of activities with the students; they explore new places and spaces; they learn something about student life. The students on the other, hand gain a better awareness of how to act in intercultural encounters; they gain insights into milieus they would usually not know or have the opportunity to enter. They can assist the families with any questions regarding the German educational system. 50-70 students per year have been involved since 2009. The Freiburg University of Education, the City of Freiburg and four primary schools are cooperating in the project. The University recruits and selects the students and supports them via supervision. The project is integrated into the curriculum, so that the students can also get credit for taking part. The whole project is regularly evaluated and scientifically escorted. Some of the evaluation results are presented here.

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