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Indonesia has 1340 ethnic groups. This study focused on three large ethnic groups, which are Bataknese, Minangnese and Sundanese. There were 712 participants in this study, aged 20-23 years. There is a different orientation on migration (within Indonesia) in those three ethnic groups. Bataknese mainly migrate for study. Minangnese mainly migrate for work and trading. Sundanese do not have a strong orientation toward migration, although members migrate for study or work. The aim of this study is to understand the value system of these three ethnic groups as measured by Schwartz’s PVQ-40 in correlation to migration attitudes. Migration attitudes were measured by items such as the importance of migration, the importance of having the tenacity and perseverance, the importance of making an effort, strive and work hard, the importance of having the ability to adjust with the new situation and dealing with problems in new place. There was no significant difference in value system of the three ethnic groups. Means on social life values were higher than means on fulfilling personal needs values in the three ethnic groups. Factors on migration motive have stronger and significant correlation with factors on value system in Bataknese than in Minangnese and Sundanese. We concluded that Bataknese’s motive to migrate was more associated with social life values and fulfilling personal needs values, Minangnese’s motive to migrate with fulfilling personal needs values, and Sundanese’s motive to migrate with social life values.

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