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The paper deals with the ‘reasons’ behind the deteriorating relationship between the Bihari migrants and the local people of Mumbai from a larger project on the topic. The main sample comprised of 307 people (152 Bihari migrants and 155 local people of Mumbai). Additionally, 50 respondents participated into 8 focus group discussions and 17 were interviewed. Both the qualitative and quantitative methods were used for data collection. Two similar, but not identical versions of the main questionnaire were developed, one for each group whose Part III addressed the ‘reasons’ issue. Qualitative data were generated with the help of an open-ended question, focus group discussions and interviews. Content analysis of the qualitative data helped arrive at some thematic reason categories namely, reduced employment options for the locals; negative attributes of Bihari people; pressure on the basics amenities of the city; politics and political leaders, ethnocentric orientation of the migrants and culture pollution, etc. The forced choice answers against the given reasons presented very high percentage of endorsements and needs to be examined with caution.

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