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There is probably no more serious challenge to social stability and cohesion in the contemporary world than the management of intercultural relations within culturally plural societies. Successful management depends on many factors including a research-based understanding of the historical, political, economic, religious, and psychological features of the groups that are in contact. The core question is “How shall we all live together?” In this paper, we seek to provide such research by examining three core psychological principles in 17 culturally plural societies. The main goal of the project is to evaluate these three hypotheses of intercultural relations (multiculturalism, contact, and integration) across societies in order to identify some basic psychological principles that may underlie intercultural relations. The eventual goal is to employ the findings to propose some policies and programmes that may improve the quality of intercultural relationship globally. The empirical findings in these 17 societies generally support the validity of the three hypotheses. Implications for the development of policies and programmes to enhance the quality of intercultural relations are discussed.


This paper was prepared within the framework of the HSE University Basic Research Program and stems from an international collaborative project “Mutual Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies” (MIRIPS). I thank all my colleagues for their contributions to this research: Nadezhda Lebedeva, Victoria Galyapina, Zarina Lepshokova, Tatiana Ryabichenko, Alexander Tatarko, Raivo Vetik, Maaris Raudsepp, Jüri Kruusvall, Larissa Kus-Harbord, Marianna Makarova, Aune Valk, Asteria Brylka, Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti, Tuuli Anna Mähönen, David L. Sam, Katja Hanke, Marieke C. van Egmond, Anette Rohmann, Klaus Boehnke, Andrea U. Haenni Hoti, S. Heinzmann, M. Müller, A. Buholzer, R. Künzle, Vassilis Pavlopoulos, Frosso Motti-Stefanidi, Cristiano Inguglia, Pasquale Musso, Alida Lo Coco, Gordon Sammut, Maryanne Lauri, Felix Neto, Joana Neto, Hector Grad, R. C. Mishra, S. Bano, R. C. Tripathi, Algae Kit Yee Au, Bryant Pui Hung Hui, Sylvia Xiaohua Chen, Justine Dandy, Kevin Dunn, Jolanda Jetten, Yin Paradies, Lena Robinson, Tahereh Ziaian, Saba Safdar, Gui Yongxia, R. C. Annis, R. Gibson.

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