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Social Axioms are defined as general beliefs that represent one’s view about how the world functions and how two entities are related “in the universe”. The Social Axiom dimensions as proposed by Leung & Bond are Social Cynicism, Social Complexity, Reward for Application, Fate Control, and Religiosity. The first aim of this study was to investigate how the Social Axiom dimensions are identified in Greece and in five more countries (N=1,375) that differ broadly in their ecological and religion characteristics (Hong-Kong, USA, UK, Spain, and India). The second aim was to enhance factor equivalence levels by forming homogeneous subsets of countries through the application of an alternative method on factor structure similarity among countries. For the Greek factor structure some emic characteristics are discussed in respect to the specific cultural setting. For all six countries, factor equivalence among countries was present to some extent for the initial factor structures. For cluster of countries though, almost maximum equivalence with the overall factor structure was reached. However, some inequivalence among clusters of countries for specific factors was still present and useful in describing diversity based on the specific cultural characteristics of the clusters of countries.

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