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We culturalists are an unusual lot! Dispersed geographically and divided socially by potential and real political conflict, economic competition, religious disagreement and vast disparities in wealth and resources, we struggle with the dilemma of studying diversities that can only be understood adequately through effective communication and collaboration. The International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology was conceptualized by psychologists who recognized and participated in this dialectical context. The Founders set out to create an organization that would provide communication venues in order to facilitate the development of a community of psychologists who would collaborate on cultural research. Communication, indeed, was the starting point of IACCP, in face-to-face interactions at international conferences in the 1960s and through a project begun in 1969 by Harry Triandis, the Cross-Cultural Social Psychology Newsletter. These two types of communication were precursors to the founding of the Association in Hong Kong in 1972.

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