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Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero’s journey began in 1918, born into a large (13 brothers and sisters) and very typical and traditional Mexican family in his homeland, Guadalajara. In search of the keys to understand human behavior, he moved to Mexico City immediately after finishing high school, where he studied medicine whilst taking psychology and chemistry classes at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). During this stage of his life, he was a student to a series of distinguished and prominent Mexican professors and thinkers: Enrique Aragon, Ezequiel Chavez, Guillermo Davila, Oswaldo Robles, Antonio Caso, Samuel Ramos and Jose Gaos. Finishing his years in medical school, he received a scholarship for post graduate studies at the University of Iowa, where he completed masters and doctoral studies in neuropsychiatry and psychology, being lectured by renowned psychiatrists such as Jacques Gottlieb and Paul Huston, eminent neurologists like Van Epps and Adolph Sahs, and pioneers in psychology such as Kenneth Spence, Kurt Lewin and Robert Sears.

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