COVID-19 has hit the world at the worst which leads to the loss of both life and economy. The pandemic has also maneuvered the business processes in a different direction. It has also forced the entrepreneurs to think upon their modus operandi for sustaining in the new normal, post-pandemic. The Hospitality & Tourism industry has been hit the most out of the others. Though the recovery from the loss due to pandemic is not that certain as of now, there is a strong belief that the hotel business in the pre and post-pandemic time will be way different as the need prioritization of needs of the customers and their characteristics will witness a shift either for some temporary period or permanently. To cope up with the new normal the hotel owners irrespective of their stature will have to redefine the standard of hotel attributes. So it is very much essential to understand the hotel selection criteria of the travellers in the post-COVID-19 time. For that, a comprehensive scale about finding out the important hotel booking attributes from the traveller’s perspective is the need of the hour. The objective of this research was to explore the most desired hotel booking attributes for travellers. The study was conducted with the travellers in the North Indian region, post COVID-19 pandemic. There were 38 statements on the major attributes of the hotels out of which 8 constructs of hotel attributes were extracted based on exploratory factor analysis and then those were confirmed with the help of confirmatory factor analysis. The major factors which were extracted are namely Hotel Facility & Services, Value for Money, Location, Safety & Security, Automation & Contactless Services, Staff, Cleaning & Sanitization & In-Room Comfort. The extracted factors will assist the management team of the hotels in redefining the hotel booking attributes which will ultimately enhance the guest experience on its implementation in post-COVID-19 pandemic time.


Hotel attributes, Hotel booking factors, Hotel booking decision, Hotel guest satisfaction, Preferred hotel attributes post Covid-19