Virtual reality in tourism (virtual tourism) and blogging are highly valuable for visitors and travellers since they allow them to undertake a scouting trip before embarking on their adventure, avoid being hassled and avoid crowds while learning more about the location they are visiting or have already been. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the relationship between virtual tourism, blogging, and making the image of tourist destinations through promotion virtually and via blogs. According to the study's findings, virtual tourism cannot replace the actual experience, but it can assist in recreating it if the user has previously visited the location, bringing out new nuances in their experience, or giving them a taste of the destination ahead of time if they have not yet visited. Also, when it comes to digital marketing for tourism, blogging is the frosting on the cake because it is utilized for promotion and communication throughout the pre-travel period, focusing on behavioural factors.


Blogging, Destination promotion, Tourist experience, Travel blogs, Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Tourism, 360 degree.