"Island Tourism" refers to the phenomenon of the development of tourism on an island that advances the establishment of family guesthouses, corporate hotels, and other related commercial areas, as well as an integration of the island's scenic spots and urban developments, which in turn can influence the island's local population growth, environmental improvement, completion of facilities, and functional upgrading (Jun Yung, 2016) It's not just the beaches that make Goa an absolute paradise, there are a few Islands in complete isolation that offers some much-needed solace away from all the humdrum from the beaches. Island tourism in Goa is one such tourism which can reduce the stress on Goa's ecology with its unique flora and fauna, exotic coral reefs, marine life and special geographic features. The objective of the present study is to analyse the perception of Islanders in Goa towards Promotion of Island Tourism in the State of Goa. This was analysed using Exploratory Factor Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis. The present study helps create the ground work for community involvement in Tourism. The study reveals that there is a negative perception of Islanders towards Island Tourism in the state of Goa.


Island, Tourism, Perception, Islanders, Goa

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