The promotion of rural tourism has been suggested as a way to promote local economic, social, and cultural renewal. The importance of entrepreneurship in the tourism sector is growing. Since entrepreneurs may be vital in the growth of rural communities, especially those in less industrialized regions, they are frequently confronted with a variety of social issues. Finding new sources of revenue and employment possibilities for them is essential. There is no doubt that entrepreneurial businesses help the host community and the nation's economy. Kashmir's rural areas have certain unique characteristics that can be turned into enticing tourist destinations. This study accesses rural tourism entrepreneurship as a strategy for economic development in the Kashmir valley, examines the literature on rural tourism and rural tourism potential. The Kashmir valley poses huge potential for rural tourism and there is a big gap in the development of these destinations. Low-income and disadvantaged communities might benefit from tourism because of its capacity to spur economic growth. Due to a lack of enough infrastructure, rural areas find it difficult to fully benefit from tourism.


Rural Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Economic Development, employment generation

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