The current study aims to identify and evaluate the determinants of ecotourism potential in Reiek, located in Mizoram. The study is based on Boyd and Butler (1996) model for identifying the determinants and evaluating the ecotourism potential. A sample of 201 respondents were surveyed using structured questionnaire, and subsequently were analysed with the help of statistical tools. After analysis, it was found that six factors: accessibility, relationship of ecotourism to other resources, regional attractions, availability of tourism infrastructure, degree of social interaction, and type of management developed for long term protection of the area vastly determine the ecotourism potential of the study area. The information drawn from this study is expected to play a constructive role in framing new policies and modifying the existing one for promoting Mizoram tourism.


Ecotourism potential, ECOS, determinants, Reiek, Mizoram.