A 2007 survey of managers from RCRA members found strong motivational support for green practices. These and other findings suggest there is broad support for green practices among resort managers. However, it is unclear the level of traveler support for eco-friendly practices. Study objectives were to: Investigate consumers’ attitudes toward environmentally responsible or green practices in the travel industry; identify green practices they’ve undertaken while traveling; explore factors influencing traveler adoption of green practices; and provide implications for the travel industry. In spring 2008 an intercept survey of travelers visiting the California Welcome Center at Pier 39 in San Francisco, CA was administered. Green practices were defined as: “Green practices could range from using/generating renewable energy, taking lower CO2 emission forms of transportation, recycling of wastes, water conservation, buying green products or supporting green organizations.” A total of 267 useable surveys were collected. Respondents were very diverse in terms of age, income and residence. Results showed supportive attitudes toward green practices. Four factors accounted for 51% of variation in traveler attitudes toward green practices. About half of survey respondents agreed they were willing to pay 10% more for green services. A similar number agreed the “biggest factor holding them back was a lack of information about who provides them.” About one-third sought out green travel providers. Over 12% listed a green practice they undertook while traveling. Findings suggest there is a large support base for green practices; many more will buy/support green practice with better information and clearly distinguishable alternatives.


travel, green, sustainability, practices, survey, California, tourism