Forward to Volume 3 and Acknowledgments

Forward to the Third Volume
Welcome to the third edition of the Journal of Tourism Insights (JTI).
This edition of the journal is pleased to include several articles that expand and strengthen the applied, conceptual and theoretical underpinnings and linkages relating to Caribbean cultural and heritage tourism.

JTI would like to thank Michael Scantlebury, of Grand Valley State University for his assistance as liaison with authors of the Caribbean articles.
We would like to thank the following individuals who professionally reviewed articles for this issue:

Acolla Cameron, University of the West Indies
Cary Countryman, Grand Valley State University
Anne Crick, University of the West Indies
Mercedes Hunt, University of Utah
Leonard Jackson, University of Memphis
Lee Jolilffe, University of New Brunswick
Cristina Jonsson, University of the West Indies
Marion Joppe, University of Guelph
Robert Christie Mill, University of Denver
Michael M.G. Scantlebury, Grand Valley State University
Sheila Scott-Halsell, Oklahoma State University
Greg B.C. Shaw, California State University Sacramento
Stephen Smith, University of Waterloo

Journal Editor:
Patrick Tierney, San Francisco State University
Journal Administrator:
A. Scott Rood, Grand Valley State University



Surfing as adventure travel: Motivations and lifestyles
Zachariah Reynolds and Nancy M. Hritz Dr.


Jamaica's Tourism: sun, sea and sand to cultural heritage
Copeland A. Stupart and Robert Shipley