This paper analyzes tourism sustainability within Abaco, Bahamas through the three spheres of sustainability, social, economic, and environmental. The study investigates the perceptions of tourism business operators in order to identify the current conditions of tourism in the Abaco islands, and to identify areas in need of improvement. Ten business operators across the Abacos were asked specific survey questions to determine the circumstances of each sphere of sustainability. Currently in Abaco, both the economic and social spheres seem healthy and functional. The environmental sphere seems to be facing difficulty, however, coupled with limited concern by business owners, due to a lack of noticeable, direct impacts on the tourism economy. Environmental education and awareness programs such as those conducted by Friends of the Environment (FOE), a local environmental organization are educating and creating awareness of the changing environment. While this study provides indications of an “early warning sign” for the tourism industry of the Bahamas, a greater level of protection needs to be put into place, monitored, and upheld with local buy in, in order to to improve their tourism sustainability.


Sustainability Tourism Bahamas