Cancer, oral agents, antineoplastic, adherence, scope of problems


Medicine and Health Sciences


OBJECTIVE: With the increasing use of oral antineoplastic agents in cancer management, patients and family members need to understand of how to obtain, safely handle, and store the medication, how and when the medications should be taken, and when to report toxic side effects to accomplish efficacious treatment.

DATA SOURCES: Research based articles and conference presentations.

CONCLUSION: Cancer centers to modify policies, protocols, or practices to assure safe and proper administration of oral antineoplastic agents.

IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: Clinicians need to monitor and facilitate administration of oral antineoplastic agents, and ultimately improve clinical outcomes.


Original Citation:

Spoelstra, S. L., Given, B. A., Given, C. W., & Grant, M. (2011). Policy Implications of Oral Agents. Seminars in Oncology Nursing, 27(2), 161–165.